Monday, September 8, 2014


Over the weekend I have noticed a lot of ball marks that have been "repaired" incorrectly, The way they are being repaired is actually worse then leaving them alone.  The last 3 mowings the staff has been spending a lot of extra time repairing the repaired ball marks before mowing the greens.  The problem is many different issues.  One being the ball mark tool is not being used properly and leaving the turf tore up which causing scalping after mowing if we do not repair beforehand. Also leaves a huge bump in the green that will greatly affect putting.  I have added a video, I made a few years ago to demonstrate the proper way to repair a ball mark at Hawks Landing

In this photos you can see the tool marks all around the ball mark and that the center has not been pushed together or even smoothed after. This ball mark is about a .25" above the putting surface

This photo shows what can happen after mowing the green if we do not repair the repaired mark.  a lot of scalping damage resulted in going over the ball mark.  Actually in most cases this would have been better had left alone

We appreciate the efforts that the Members are taking pride in the golf course, it is very evident in the amount of divots being filled on the course too, this is why I am re-posting the video on repairing ball marks on the course too help everyone have the knowledge and expertise to take care of the course in the best possible way.  Thank you for your understanding, effect and time you are spending making the course better for everyone to enjoy.  

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