Friday, October 17, 2014

Update 10/17

Doesn't get much then this.  The fall colors are just outstanding this year,  just one of the reason I love coming to work everyday.  This week did not pan out to be very productive with any project work due to the rain.  We received around 1.5 inches Tuesday.  We did work on all the bunkers getting the depths correct, pulling weeds and really giving them a good raking.  We should be off to a good start next spring.  All greens were Topdressed and a granular fertilizer applied right before the rain.  I only apply granular type fertilizer in the fall and mid spring the rest of the season  I spray very small amount of fertilizers.  Right now, I want to encourage strong rooting and for the turf to store the nutrients for good winter survival. This will help the turf get off to a strong start next
spring.  Also the solid tine and coring we did over the last few weeks allow for good air and water exchange throughout he rootzone.  You can see in the photo that even with the cool temperatures the roots are really vigorous right

Due to the wet conditions we did start a project that really wasn't  planed but is in need to be done.  I have marked off with white paint a lot of areas next to cart paths that we will remove the sod and either stone or resod.  We could not work on any drain areas so on to plan b.

Overall, not the best week in getting any extra work done but the playability the golf course is outstanding and the views are fabulous.  Next week, we will topdress all the greens, mow fescue and focus a lot of the crew getting a start to some project work.

I hope you have a great weekend and able to get in a few more rounds yet this fall.


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