Friday, October 24, 2014

Update 10/24

A few great days ahead to keep the golf going this year.  We are in our home stretch for the crew with most of the staff last day will be next Friday.  Then we will be down to only a few staff members into November.  Our scheduled irrigation winterization this year will be November 6th we will also be closing down the on course restrooms on the 1st.

This week, I made another application of in the trial to remove the bentgrass from the rough around the fairway on hole 6 and part of the edge on 7.  You can see that the product is working well.
 It doesn't look very good right now but this is what happens to the bentgrass as it dies the turf will turn white in areas that have been sprayed.  We will reseed these areas Monday and then formulate a plan to do some more areas next spring also.

We also started to work on resodding around worn out drains in the fairways on 14 and 15 this week.  We are harvesting the sod from 16 maroon tee to replace the worn out sod around the drains.  The "new" tees on 16 and 13 are starting to take shape.  The goal will be to work on as many drains as possible next week.

Another side project we have started is remove a few worn out edges along cart paths and will be either sodding or adding stone to these areas.  We are doing this job in the mornings when we have heavy frost and we can not work on the golf course just to keep moving in the right direction and to continue to improve the course.  I have always enjoyed this time of the year, We usually have 2 or 3 good weeks when the turf has slowed to the point of not needing daily mowing.  Taking full advantage of this to work detail work will only enhance the golf course long term. The key to this is having a good staff that has the ability to do these projects inhouse.  I have always enjoyed the construction side of golf and teaching my staff to do this type of work is very rewarding to me.  

I hope you are able to get in a round this weekend the golf course is in very good shape right now and  to see some of the good progress we are making on the work I am writing about today.


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