Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update 11/9/14

A mad rush to get everything done in a big hurry this week before the predicted winter storm.  The forecast has been changing daily and now we are not suppose to get much snow now till tuesday.  Which is a good thing since I still have a few things I would like to get done on the course.  We did manage to get the entire golf course sprayed for snow mold and winterize the irrigation system last week.  I normally would wait a week or two before spraying but did not want to risk this very important application.  We did everything we could to give the turf an upper hand over the long winter.  We either core aerated or solid tined all the greens, tees, and approaches, this encouraged good rooting and air exchanged over the last month.  I also topdressed the greens lightly to protect the crown of the plant every week going into our last application.  I also applied light amount of nutrients biweekly to help the turf build strong reserves which will help spring growth as well as winter survival.  Then last week everything was sprayed to protect the turf from snow mold disease.  Ideally, we want the ground to freeze and then snow on top of that, as in last winter.  Hopefully, the storm will miss us and allow the soil to freeze up before the next snow fall.

Last week I had a small crew to finish up the last remaining big projects on the course.
We did repair all the drains on holes 2
,5,11,14,15,17,18 fairways.  All work was done by hand to repair these areas which takes a keen eye and experience to obtain the correct slope after the sod is removed.  We had plenty of sod to use from 16 old maroon tee so we took advantage of this and removed plenty of sod to get the proper slope in the fairways.

We also added the stone to the cart paths drive ons and edges of the cart paths that we have been working on.  There are a few other areas that I will complete in the spring.

This week, I will hopefully core aerate around each of the greens and work on removing the blockage in approach on 16 green.  I do not think I will have the time to work on 7 approach this fall.  7 has a huge hump in front of the green that does block water from getting the green quickly which becomes a problem over the winter during melts. If the weather changes again and will allow us to work on 7 this will be done yet this year.  

Overall, another great week for our small staff truly amazing the amount of work we can get done we all should be very proud to have such a dedicated staff to our club.


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