Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Update and Opening Day

We are getting closer to the start of the 2015 golf season by the day.  The status of the golf course is most of the frost is gone from the ground.  There is some frost mainly on the front nine.  I have rolled greens and mowed the fairways, but on the back nine only.  This is leading up to my decision to open the back nine only Friday with tee times starting at 12.  We will also have the range open on friday as well.  Plans were to open the range yesterday but we were not ready.  As of today the front nine will not open until next week and will wait till then  to start any mowing or rolling on the front nine.

 Over the last 4 days we have been putting out all the golf supplies, today I have most of our full time staff starting work.  I have a good day of safety training that all employees attend comprising of all aspects of a safe working environment.  Tomorrow, we will be able to have the entire crew working on course clean up.  I would like to roll all the greens, tees and mow the fairways one more time before opening on friday.  I am at this point not planning on mowing the greens this week, that may change but not sure as of today.  The weather keeps changing by the day which makes planning right now a little difficult.

Overall, the golf course is in very good condition. I look forward to seeing you very soon

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