Friday, March 13, 2015

Update 3/13/15

When are we opening?  I sure Rich has heard that many times over the last few days.  The warm weather over the last few days sure has been nice and I know everyone has the itch to get outside and play some golf.  There are a few course opening over the next few days but we will not be opening this weekend for a number of reasons.  One is there is actually still a lot of snow on the ground in many areas on the course as of today.  We are making good progress out there but the soil is just starting to thaw out.  Currently, even with the warm sunshine the soil temperature is only 35 degrees and frozen at the surface in many areas.  I can probe down to around 6 inch in others.  The other issue it is very sloppy out right now and I could not get a crew out driving around without doing a lot of damage to the turf.  We will make good progress over the next few days in warming up the soil which will help thaw it out.  But I will not start rolling and mowing the turf until the frost is out. 
My plans will be to open the range for play on tuesday at 12,  I will be starting our staff on wednesday the 18th to start working on cleanup and hopefully rolling and mowing soon to follow.  I do not have a opening day yet for the golf course and evaluating the conditions daily right now.  We will open as soon as possible after the greens and tees have been rolled and mowed.

See you very soon


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