Thursday, April 9, 2015

update 4/9/15

We have been wanting some rain but over the last 2 days we have received nearly 2 inches.  The one problem we were having even this week was there was still some frost in the ground.  A few irrigation heads suffered some damage and need to be replaced because of traffic over it while encased in ice.  This situation is new to me.  I am sure that you have seen a lot of digging going on on the back nine.  Some are problems some are not.  We are harvesting some irrigation heads that are no longer in use.  Having a abandon head out there complicates our irrigation blowouts and is pointless having it just sitting there. It does amaze me we mowed all the areas where the sprinklers are being removed.  Some of the sprinklers can not be removed because of pipe issues but we will remove as many as we can.  I do have some big pipe problems going on right now on the course that we are working on repairing.  I am very puzzled as to why this has happened but nothing we can do except repair the problem.

Yesterdays heavy storms was a good test for the first time we have 2 bunker rakes.  We were able to get the bunkers completed in one day.

Overall the golf course is in fine shape, we have yet to mow the tees or any rough planned on doing that today but the golf course is very wet right now. The greens are being mowed every other day at a height much higher then our normal height of cut.  I will slowly bring the height down to our "normal height"

We have a few new staff members on the crew this year.  Proper training is the key to a great operation and takes a lot of time to get everyone trained.  This week was to be the week for this to be done but have lost a lot of days to a overly wet course.

I hope that you have had the chance to play a few rounds the course is in good shape we have a lot to do to get the irrigation up and running but will be a thing of the past soon enough.  The one good thing these rains will do is really jump start the growing process and we will be in full swing before we know it.


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