Monday, April 20, 2015


The golf season is progressing very well and we are off to a great start.  Most of our training of the new staff is complete still a few kinks to work out but overall I am very impressed with the staff this year.

We received just about .70 last night and this morning.  I did have a lot of work planned out for today but this light soaking rain will really help, we were pretty dry in spots.

We are starting to get into a more normal schedule of taking care of the course. with the projects just about wrapped up.  We have one major irrigation break that is in need of repair on 18 tee and will work on that soon.  We completed the conversion of the rough and bentgrass around the "new" tee at 16 marron seeding to fescue on friday last week.  I also converted around 25 full circle irrigation heads to adjustable arch irrigation heads that can be precisely adjusted to water just what we want.  We are to the point now that we will be moving the actual irrigation heads in the future to reduce any additional water into the fescue. There are around 20 heads that could be moved on the course that we will start working on in the fall.  We did remove around 20 heads from the back nine and still have another 15 or so on the front nine remove in the future.  This job is much easier to do when the water is off in the spring and fall.

Overall, the course is a fine shape,  I planned on topdressing the greens and approaches today but the rain has changed the plans for this.  Weather permitting we will topdress tomorrow.  I will also be mowing down any remaining fescue areas that did not get mowed last fall.  We will start spraying the fescue to control undesirable grasses over the next few weeks.  This is very dependant on wind and this week does not look very good to make any applications.

We do have one problem on the waterfall that is in the process of being looked at, a bearing is bad on the middle waterfall and this motor needs to be replaced the motor will not run.  I also have a major problem with one of our irrigation pumps. The pump is in the shop for a major overhaul right now.  We are basically down to half the pumping capacity with the irrigation system not a problem right now and nothing to worry about but a very costly repair.  We will do our best to get the waterfall working soon but will take some time.

I hope that you have enjoyed a few good rounds of golf.


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