Saturday, May 2, 2015

Update 5/2/15

This week went by so fast, we sure did accomplish a lot of work on the course.

We have completed spraying what we have intended to complete this spring in the fescue.  around 40 total acres were treated for undesirable weeds and grasses.  We are making very good progress in cleaning up many areas on the course our diligent work is finally starting to pay off.  There are still some areas of infestation out there and we will continue to address these as we move forward.

We have been checking sand depths and adding sand were needed so far this spring we have added 30 tons of sand in mostly the greens bunkers.  We did address a few fairway bunkers that were in need.  We still have a major problem with rake placement and many footprints left in the bunkers please help us out and remind your playing partners of the proper care of the bunkers.

We have another issue with the waterfall in that another motor has went down and we are waiting on a new motor to be installed. As soon as we get the motor installed it will be up and running once again.

I have been solid tining many areas in the fairways this spring.  This will be an ongoing project until we complete all the fairways.  The holes are barley noticeable but will allow for good water and air movement in the soil.  Once we complete the fairways, I will then core aerate the range tee.  The greens will not be core aerated this spring but will needle tine as needed, I do not plan on doing this until June.

Our biweekly topdressing program will start next week on the greens and approaches.  Topdressing is very important to dilute organic matter and help keep the surface smooth.

We have started to mow the rough on a regular basis.  I have changed our mowing patterns this year with the addition of the new rough mower. The new mower is set at the height of 2 inches,we are then using our smaller rough mowers at the height of 1.75 inches to mow a few passes around each green and tee.

Overall I feel we are on a good track with the condition of the golf course.  The warmer weather will be a nice change for everyone

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