Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update 6/25/15

Another .4 inches this morning seems like every time we have the course firming up it rains again.  I will say that the course is in fine shape we have been double cutting and rolling the greens daily to help maintain consistent putting green speeds and firmness of the surface.  We plan on rolling the greens again tonight after the par 3 challenge for the start of the men's invitational.  Our greens staff has been really working hard to prepare the golf course for this event.

 We have an excellent staff this year,  I am sure you have also noticed the attention to detail by the quality of the golf course. This week these guys have been walking a lot.  Double cutting greens then turning around to hand mow tees or rake bunkers, is only about 15 miles.  There are a few guys who have been doing this each day this week.   They take a lot of pride in preparing the course daily for you and your guests. Feel free to shoot them a thanks, while you are playing it is greatly appreciated by all, they always have a smile when they tell me someone said the golf course is in good shape.

With all the extra mowing and rolling it is time we give the greens a little break and think about plant health, we will be needle tining,(see photo, tine is smaller than a pen)
verticutting and topdressing the front nine greens, Monday and then will complete the back nine greens on Tuesday next week.   This will allow much needed oxygen into the soil profile.

I hope that you and your guest enjoy our invitational and good luck.


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