Sunday, July 19, 2015

Update 7/19

What a week, 2.65 inches of rain has left the course very wet but overall pretty happy that we managed to fare fairly well considering. The last 2 days the course has been under considerable disease pressure due to the excess moisture, high humidity and heat.  We are by no means out of the woods but there is very little disease to report this morning.  The cooler nights in the forecast will help reduce the disease pressure. The bunkers are washed out again for the second time of the week.  I was able to put all the greens bunkers back together yesterday morning but the fairway bunkers need a lot of work, we will complete all the bunkers tomorrow.  I also decided mow a few fairways this morning due to the fact that we were not able to mow our normal schedule this week. hopefully, this week we will get the course back to our normal conditions we all appreciate.

This is the time of the year our poa trivialis in the fairways is under considerable stress. This is not
the same as poa annua that we all have been hearing about, but a species that thrives under cool moist conditions and goes dormant or dies in high temperature conditions. Poa Trivialis is used to overseed in the south dies in the summer heat just as the bermuda starts to thrive.  We have been pretty lucky over the last few with the mild summers.  This weekend surely has put some stress on the poa.

I have had a few discussions over this week regarding keeping carts on the paths after heavy rains. Hawks Landing does drain very well and I do everything possible to keep the water moving off the surface.  But, after inches upon inches of rain there is no where for the water to drain as the soil reaches field capacity.  There are many areas that are firm and there is no problem but there are many areas on the course that pose dangerous slippy conditions and excess damage or wear to the turf.  As you can tell in the photo this is the exact issue I am trying to avoid.


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