Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A great stretch in the weather over the last few days doesn't seem like fall but that will changed quickly this weekend. The course is in fine shape as we start to really focus on preparing the course for winter as well as organic matter management.

This week we have changed our work schedules also.  We will not be mowing on a routine basis for the rest of the season. instead focusing on cultural work and any projects that we may work on.  At this time I have not finalized any major project work that will be done.  This is crunch time for us not many days left in the season with the staff, their last day will be the 30th this year.  I will say our staff was great this year, they took a lot of pride daily in the golf course and worked very hard for the club.  I feel privileged to have so many great individuals on the staff.

 I have also raised the height of cut on the greens this week.  This will allow for our sand topdressing application to be incorporated into the surface much easier to help protect the crown of the plant for better winter survival. I will be sand topdressing weekly now for the next few weeks. The core aeration on holes 5-9, and 18 greens has been completed last week, over the next few days we will complete the rest of the greens. The approaches have been solid tined with a nice application of sand topdressing applied we have been doing this for many years, I feel this year there is a noticeable difference in the playability of the approaches around the greens. Yesterday we started to work on core aerating around each drain in the fairway.  As we complete each drain we are filling the holes with sand,  this should help dry these areas out during rain events and give an extra channel for the water to get off the surface.

All the fescue areas have been mowed, we are now working on mowing everything for the second time a little lower.  This will allow for excellent weed and grass control next spring.

 November 4th, I will be winterizing the irrigation system.  Please be aware of this is if you play on the 4th.  Many irrigation heads will be continuously running all day sometimes in random areas.  We link a very large air compressor to the main line of the irrigation system, which forces the water our of the lines. We must keep the sprinklers heads on in a orderly fashion to extract all the water from the lines.  If we miss any location the water will freeze and destroy the pipe system.  It is important to note that we do our best to work around the players but once the air compressor is running sprinkler heads have to be running or very extensive damage will result.

The on course restroom will also be closed for the season on the 1st of November

I would like to thank you for an enjoyable golf season, I hope you had a great time on our course this year.


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