Wednesday, September 16, 2015


September is a very busy month for us at Hawks.  This is the time of the year that we need to focus our energy towards building a better plant and playing surface not just now, also for next year. As well as protecting the turf to survive winter.  Topdressing, solid tine aerification and traditional aerification are all ways to improve the turf and produce a better playing surface.  Without these, the the turf will suffer over time.  We will be continuing our tee aerification this week working on the black and maroon tees.  I would like to start to solid tine the approaches along with topdressing next week.  The week of the 28th we will core aerate 5,6,7,8 greens, the rest of the greens will be done the week of October 12th.  A heavy topdressing will be applied at the time of aerification to fill the core holes with sand.

The fescue really looked pretty good this year.  There are a few weeds left that we are looking at herbicides to control these.    We have been able to identify the 3 trouble weeds this will aid in our search for the proper herbicide to use.  These are 3 main weeds are horsetail, queen anne lace, and american burnweed.  This weekend, I did some testing on the front and back nine of 2 different
products to determine which is best to use for have acceptable control on all 3 weeds. This is the time of the season that we also start to mow down the fescue.  This is a very time consuming process and is only done in dry conditions.  My goal is to mow in stages starting high and working our way down to the rough height.

The staff size is a little smaller this time of the year also,  we do have a pretty seasoned staff that have been with us for many years. In order to accomplish everything on our list its usually all hands on deck every day.  As far as any projects on tap for this fall, this will be if time available.  I would love to work on a few things every year, but I feel this year our focus will be on plant and soil health.

Fall is a great season to be outside, I hope to see you very soon.


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