Monday, August 10, 2015

update 8/10/15

I hope everyone is enjoying the golf course over the last few weeks.

 The course remains in good condition with very few issues at this time. We are entering a pretty dry period and could use a little rain there is some pretty stressed areas in the rough at this time please be advised when playing to stay out of these as much as possible.  When we do get some rain these areas will start to recover.  In the meantime I am supplementing with our irrigation system sparingly to try to maintain the course as firm as possible.

 As we start to transition into shorter days and cooler nights we need to start thinking about organic matter management on the golf course.  This year, our temperatures have not been too hot but the humidity seems to linger around most days.  This is causing our turf to scalp and become softer then normal with the very active growth of the turfgrass.  We do our best to manage this with topdressing sand but even so there is more accumulation of organic material then in the past.  Today we used a solid tine to aerify the front nine greens and applied topdressing sand to the greens and approaches. Tomorrow we will complete the back nine greens.  This year we will core aerate the all the greens in October in conjunction with a heavy application of sand this will help keep our organic matter accumulations in check.  We will also core aerate the tees starting this month when time allows.  I understanding the the word "coring" is something no one wants to hear but it is a necessary evil that must be done to maintain the health of the soil in order for the turf to perform and play we all want.  I will do my best to maintain acceptable playing conditions while we are addressing these concerns.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Update 7/19

What a week, 2.65 inches of rain has left the course very wet but overall pretty happy that we managed to fare fairly well considering. The last 2 days the course has been under considerable disease pressure due to the excess moisture, high humidity and heat.  We are by no means out of the woods but there is very little disease to report this morning.  The cooler nights in the forecast will help reduce the disease pressure. The bunkers are washed out again for the second time of the week.  I was able to put all the greens bunkers back together yesterday morning but the fairway bunkers need a lot of work, we will complete all the bunkers tomorrow.  I also decided mow a few fairways this morning due to the fact that we were not able to mow our normal schedule this week. hopefully, this week we will get the course back to our normal conditions we all appreciate.

This is the time of the year our poa trivialis in the fairways is under considerable stress. This is not
the same as poa annua that we all have been hearing about, but a species that thrives under cool moist conditions and goes dormant or dies in high temperature conditions. Poa Trivialis is used to overseed in the south dies in the summer heat just as the bermuda starts to thrive.  We have been pretty lucky over the last few with the mild summers.  This weekend surely has put some stress on the poa.

I have had a few discussions over this week regarding keeping carts on the paths after heavy rains. Hawks Landing does drain very well and I do everything possible to keep the water moving off the surface.  But, after inches upon inches of rain there is no where for the water to drain as the soil reaches field capacity.  There are many areas that are firm and there is no problem but there are many areas on the course that pose dangerous slippy conditions and excess damage or wear to the turf.  As you can tell in the photo this is the exact issue I am trying to avoid.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update 6/25/15

Another .4 inches this morning seems like every time we have the course firming up it rains again.  I will say that the course is in fine shape we have been double cutting and rolling the greens daily to help maintain consistent putting green speeds and firmness of the surface.  We plan on rolling the greens again tonight after the par 3 challenge for the start of the men's invitational.  Our greens staff has been really working hard to prepare the golf course for this event.

 We have an excellent staff this year,  I am sure you have also noticed the attention to detail by the quality of the golf course. This week these guys have been walking a lot.  Double cutting greens then turning around to hand mow tees or rake bunkers, is only about 15 miles.  There are a few guys who have been doing this each day this week.   They take a lot of pride in preparing the course daily for you and your guests. Feel free to shoot them a thanks, while you are playing it is greatly appreciated by all, they always have a smile when they tell me someone said the golf course is in good shape.

With all the extra mowing and rolling it is time we give the greens a little break and think about plant health, we will be needle tining,(see photo, tine is smaller than a pen)
verticutting and topdressing the front nine greens, Monday and then will complete the back nine greens on Tuesday next week.   This will allow much needed oxygen into the soil profile.

I hope that you and your guest enjoy our invitational and good luck.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Update 6/22

Our preparations for the men's invitational this weekend came to a halt this morning with the rain moving in but we are in a good place with the course right now.  As always these heavy rain events tend to lead to bunker washouts which will need to be addressed but if the forecast is correct the rest of the week looks great. I hope that we have a good turnout I know there are a few spots left to fill we certainly would love to have more in the invite.

As far as the state of the golf course, the course is really in great shape this year.  I am sure that you have noticed that the fescue is stunning right now.  All of our hard work is starting to pay off.  There are a few areas that do have some weeds and we are basically hand spraying these out.  Outside the cart path we still have some work to do and plan on additional spray application in the fall.

All the summer help is now working full time.  I am able to accomplish a lot of detail work now that we have the additional weekday staff.  Sprinkler heads will all be cleaned and remarked by next week.  We are also working on edging the bunkers on the course.  We have completed all greenside bunkers and will start working on the fairway bunkers next week.

Monday and tuesday  next week we will solid tine all the greens along with a nice application of topdressing sand.  I will also start to solid tine a few areas in the fairways next week.  Planning ahead for the hot weather is important to the health of the turf.  I have greatly reduced our irrigation this year when its not raining.  There are some areas that have been wilting rather quickly getting a few holes in these areas will allow for much improved air and water into the soil profile.

One thing that has come up this year is our rough is difficult and thick.  With the addition to our new rough mower we have actually been mowing the rough much lower in all areas.  Around the greens and tees even more so.  The new machine has almost 2 times the power of our small mowers which allows for a much truer upright cut with much less excess clippings left over.  We also have been mowing the rough at least twice a week in many areas the quality of the rough has improved dramatically even at a much lower height of cut.

This weekend we also treat our big oak in front of 11 green with an IV injection of fertilizer. I have noticed a decline in the health of the tree this year and we continue to monitor the health this year.  I do not think it is dire yet but the tree is very old and will need some attention and pruning to prolong its life.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the golf course this year and look forward to seeing you soon.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oil leak

Yesterday while topdressing greens our cart had an oil leak that caused some damage to 17 and 1 greens. We caught the problem after completion of 1 green. The rain helped somewhat in keeping the turf cool but we will need to core aerate using very small tines down each pass of the leak. This should help by removing some of the damaged turf while helping speed recovery. We also have a planned fertilizer application that will also help. 

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