Friday, October 17, 2014

Update 10/17

Doesn't get much then this.  The fall colors are just outstanding this year,  just one of the reason I love coming to work everyday.  This week did not pan out to be very productive with any project work due to the rain.  We received around 1.5 inches Tuesday.  We did work on all the bunkers getting the depths correct, pulling weeds and really giving them a good raking.  We should be off to a good start next spring.  All greens were Topdressed and a granular fertilizer applied right before the rain.  I only apply granular type fertilizer in the fall and mid spring the rest of the season  I spray very small amount of fertilizers.  Right now, I want to encourage strong rooting and for the turf to store the nutrients for good winter survival. This will help the turf get off to a strong start next
spring.  Also the solid tine and coring we did over the last few weeks allow for good air and water exchange throughout he rootzone.  You can see in the photo that even with the cool temperatures the roots are really vigorous right

Due to the wet conditions we did start a project that really wasn't  planed but is in need to be done.  I have marked off with white paint a lot of areas next to cart paths that we will remove the sod and either stone or resod.  We could not work on any drain areas so on to plan b.

Overall, not the best week in getting any extra work done but the playability the golf course is outstanding and the views are fabulous.  Next week, we will topdress all the greens, mow fescue and focus a lot of the crew getting a start to some project work.

I hope you have a great weekend and able to get in a few more rounds yet this fall.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Update 10/10/14

Another great week on the golf course with a lot of good things done to improve the course in the long term.  All greens have either been core aerated or solid tined this week.  We also applied a nice sand topdressing to the greens after each was completed.  We have mowed and rolled the greens many times this week to help smooth out any bumps.  I will continue to topdress weekly until we can no longer get on the greens.  This will help protect the crown of the plant from the winds over the winter. We also fertilized all the roughs and tees this week.  Now is the time to apply fertilize to your lawns also.  The ground temperature has cooled down enough in that the turf is not growing as rapidly but the plant will still be able to take in the fertilize to help build carbohydrate storage and encourage good rooting, which is very important for next year.

We also started and completed the newly expanded drop tee on 13.  It will be roped off for the rest of the year because of the new sod that was used.  I am using the sod off the maroon tee on 16. I have

already made a "new" maroon tee for 16 by sodding the area around with some bluegrass sod.  We will use the rest of the bentgrass from the tee to repair the drains inlets on the fairways in the upcoming weeks.  The maroon tee on 16 is way too big and is wasted space and in the long run ends up costing us way too much to maintain a tee that really doesn't need to be that big.

In addition to the drainage work we will working on removing the hump that blocks run off water in front of 16 green.  The work that we did last fall has been very beneficial in getting water off the greens quickly.  If time allows we may work on 7 approach also.

The end of October and before the ground is frozen, I would like too core aerate the green banks this year.  We would break up the plugs and leave them naturally break down over the winter.

I  sprayed around 6 and part of 7 fairways using a herbicide to control "kill" the bentgrass in the rough.  This is our test area that we will be looking at rates and timing of application to use around the rest of the fairways next year.  This product controls only the bentgrass, not the desired rough type grass we want in the rough.  I will  reseed all the areas that we sprayed to fill in the voids from the dead bentgrass. What you will see very soon is that the turf will turn white in the areas that have been sprayed

We  have completed the first mowing of the fescue on the course.  I have not mowed down outside the cart paths areas yet.  These areas will be mowed using a tractor and brush hog mower.  The goal will be to continue to mow the fescue at least one more time before the end of the year.  Most of the areas on the course inside the paths have been sprayed to control weeds this fall.  We had very good control with this application with very few weeds left.  In the spring, I will continue our program to control any additional grasses or weeds that are left.

Overall, the golf course is in great shape right now I hope that you can get in a few more rounds this Month there is a lot going on right now with all the projects that we have in the works. If you have any questions while you are on the course, I am easily reached and will gladly
spend a few minutes with you.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Update 9/26/14

Hard to believe that the end of September is right around the corner the golf season sure has went fast this year.  This also brings us to a time of the year that turf health and projects will be on the top of importance for us.  I will be raising the height of the greens mowers starting next week slightly to reduce any stress on the plant before winter.  We will still be mowing and rolling the greens but not nearly as frequently as we are now.

Today we completed all but 10 approach solid tine and topdressing,  I also solid tined the 14,15,16
greens.  Next week we will solid tine all but 5,6,7,8,10,12,13 greens along with topdressing all the greens.  The reason we will not solid tine these greens is that on October 7th and the 8th these greens will be core aerifed with a 1/4 tine.  I will also continue the topdressing on a weekly basis until the end of October.  This will ensure proper dilution of the organic matter.  I do understand that there is still some sand that is coming up after chip shots on the approaches but the process we are doing will help keep the approaches smooth and firm.

Today we start to mowing  fescue on 5,6,7.  We will mow the fescue at least 2 times before the end
of the year.  This will really help keep the stand clean for next year.  I have sprayed for broadleaf weeds in many areas over the last few weeks.  Right now, is a great time to control weeds for next year.  Mowing will stress the weeds to a greater extent and prepare the areas for even greater weed and grass control next spring.

If had a chance to play in the hard course yesterday you may have noticed that I had the maroon tees on the back of 16 tee.  This fall, we will be removing some of the tee on 16 maroon, the tee is way to large, and add a new maroon tee for 13.  Some of the extra sod will be added to the drop tee of 13 also too increase the size of drop tee.

I will use some of the sod to repair the drains in the fairways that are in need of repair next month.

I hope that you are enjoying this weather and getting in a lot of rounds before the end of the year.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Over the weekend I have noticed a lot of ball marks that have been "repaired" incorrectly, The way they are being repaired is actually worse then leaving them alone.  The last 3 mowings the staff has been spending a lot of extra time repairing the repaired ball marks before mowing the greens.  The problem is many different issues.  One being the ball mark tool is not being used properly and leaving the turf tore up which causing scalping after mowing if we do not repair beforehand. Also leaves a huge bump in the green that will greatly affect putting.  I have added a video, I made a few years ago to demonstrate the proper way to repair a ball mark at Hawks Landing

In this photos you can see the tool marks all around the ball mark and that the center has not been pushed together or even smoothed after. This ball mark is about a .25" above the putting surface

This photo shows what can happen after mowing the green if we do not repair the repaired mark.  a lot of scalping damage resulted in going over the ball mark.  Actually in most cases this would have been better had left alone

We appreciate the efforts that the Members are taking pride in the golf course, it is very evident in the amount of divots being filled on the course too, this is why I am re-posting the video on repairing ball marks on the course too help everyone have the knowledge and expertise to take care of the course in the best possible way.  Thank you for your understanding, effect and time you are spending making the course better for everyone to enjoy.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Been awhile but since its pouring out right now I might as well update you on what we have planned for the  golf course in the upcoming weeks.  Overall, considering that we have had 5 inches of rain in the last 2 .5 weeks the course is in fine shape.  Its very tough to loose days due to rain  get so backed up on the mowing.  Especially, when the bunkers wash out, this job is so demanding and takes the crew away from mowing. Add to the fact that our crew size is much smaller now that we lost 4 kids to high school and college for the rest of the year.  In the warm humid wet condition the grass grows very fast which leads to clippings on the golf course.  Its tough seeing a messy course at times, we try to do everything possible to reduce the amount of clippings but its very hard to do at times when we have to work with play and extra attention and crew pushing sand in the bunkers. We try to balance everything out the best we can.

This is the time of the year that we will pay attention to the turf and prepare for winter and next year.  This year we are addressing some extra organic matter that has developed on the tees, approaches and a few greens.  We have just about completed the core aeration of the tees and will be starting to core aerate the approaches next.  We have made some great progress in the approaches condition on the course.  I will not be core aerating all the greens this fall, but there are 6 greens that will be core aerifed.  5,6,7,8,12,13.  These greens hold more moisture in the top few inches and are much softer then the rest.  I will be removing a very small core from the greens and then backfill with topdressing sand.  As far as a timetable on this it is looking like the green work will be done the first week in October considering the fact that we still have not completed the tees or even started the approaches due to the fact that we had had many rain outs over the last few weeks.  

As far as any other work that we will be working on this fall.  I would really like to smooth out the drains in the fairway as we did to the approach drains last fall.  Many of the drains are broken down and need repair work.  I would also like to address the few bunkers that continue to hold water after heavy rains.  12,18,7 greens bunkers will have to have the sand removed and the drainage will need to be repaired.

I am also spraying for broadleaf weeds in the fescue right now.  Fall is a great time to control many weeds we continue to make very good progress in our fescue areas and will continue to work on improving the quality in the future.  I will start mowing down the fescue in the upcoming weeks.  As soon as we have an extended dry period to reduce the amount of clipping we we start mowing.  The goal would be to mow everything 2 times before winter.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the golf course this summer we have had some outstanding conditions this year, it is very tough to end the year like this. This is suppose to be a dry time of the but the weather this year sure is unpredictable that is for sure.

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