Friday, August 8, 2014

Update 8/8/14

A much needed rain this week especially since we have not had a drop most of July the last rain was recorded on July 8th receiving only a 1/2 inch. Mondays rain was only .4 inches but still happy that we got a least a little, looks like it will remain great golfing weather through the weekend again. The golf course is a very good shape right now and I hope that you are able to get in a round this weekend.

We have had a pretty good week of work also on the course.  This week we started to address some of the "puffy" turf on the maroon tees by lightly verticutting them,
we also verticut the greens and approaches this week.  Next week we will veritcut the tees and approaches again along with a nice topdressing on the greens and approaches.  This will be the first step in the process of trying to get these area firmer.  I plan on starting to core aerating the maroon, white and some approaches in the upcoming weeks.  I feel that we need to be fairly aggressive on the tees this year in getting the organic matter under control.  We have also made considerable progress on the bunkers.  We have been through all the greens bunkers and have added or removed sand if needed.  With all the compliments that I have been getting this week about the bunkers I think we are getting the bunkers back to where they should be.  We are also edging the bunkers we have completed most of the greens bunkers and will continue next week.

Overall, we are making good progress and moving in the right direction we have some issues that we need to address moving into the fall but nothing to be too worried nervous about at this time.  I hope that you have enjoyed many good rounds of golf so far this year



Thursday, July 31, 2014


A nice round of weather for everyone lately. We have been making great progress on addressing the bunkers.  We have been adding sand to the greens side bunkers as needed and today we started to edge a few bunkers.  We also have been checking depths and moving sand in the fairway
bunkers as well.

The golf course is really in fine shape.  We are on the dry side but I do not think you could ask for any better days then we have had over the last few weeks to play golf.  So far we have not even seen day over 90 this year.  The only real issues that I am currently dealing with is the fact that the tees will need verti-cut and aerifed soon.  Especially the maroons and white tees they do not see the foot traffic and tend to get very puffy every year.  Over the next few weeks we will be working on this.  We also have an issue with the middle waterfall pump system, the motor has a bad bearing and we will need to replace the motor in the future.  The way the waterfall works only the lower falls can run on its own.  I will need to keep the upper and middle waterfall off until the motor is replaced.

If you are playing today you will see that I painted the lip of the cup on the back nine greens this morning.  I did this as a test run for the club championship.  I will not be painting the lips on a daily basis but we will for special events.

This weekend is the Club Championship already we have been working a a few detail projects to have the golf course in fine shape,  We did double cut the greens the last 2 days in order to keep the growth in check.  There is a perception that we "trick up" the course for the event that is not completely true. We do not work on many projects this week other then extra detail work and we make our best effort to keep the course firm and roll the greens as needed but nothing really out of the ordinary.  In the past the weather has been very good the entire week leading up to the weekend as in this year.  The attention to detail and proper planning will in most cases lead to a great course for the Club Championship. In contrast to weeks that we do not have a major event I may not focus so much of the staff in working on the extra touches.  I am sure that you have noticed this over the last week the greens staff is doing a great job and they are just as excited for the Club Championship as you are. I hope that everyone will enjoy the golf course this weekend and that you play well.  The parking spot is up for grabs and I hope that you will get a spot this year.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Update 7/15/14

Finally have some time that does not include pushing bunkers after rains and we are taking full advantage of this great weather to work on some detail projects.

We started to edge a few green side bunkers, add sand to bunkers and worked on adding mulch around some trees all in the last 2 days.  We also topdressed all the greens and approaches yesterday.  Topdressing is very important especially in the weather pattern we have been stuck in lately.  The turf grows very rapidly in the warm humid weather we have been having  and produces a lot of organic matter. This should be matched with sand to help dilute the organic matter. Topdressing helps keep the surface firm and help reducing excess thatch development.  This can be seen and felt in the softness of the tees especially the maroon and white tees.  Ideally, we would also topdress the tees but it is not in the budget to do so, and is also the main reason we will core aerate the tees in the spring and early fall.  My plans will be to topdress next week again on Monday and then we may move to applications every 2 weeks for the rest of the summer. Today, the greens really felt good and are very smooth.   The rough has been mowed up to 3 times per week over the last few weeks.  I know that we have had some excess clippings laying around, we have been doing our best to keep things as tidy as possible.

I sure hope that you are enjoying this polar vortex as much as the turf is.  The reduce stress on the turf is better for me that is for sure.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

golf course update 7/3/14

It has been a long 2 weeks since my last post.  The rain seems to come just as we get everything back in shape then we have to start all over again.  At least it held off enough for us to prep for the Mens Invitational.  The staff put in some extra hours last week making sure that the course was in great shape for everyone.

  The rough is certainly rough, I am normally only mowing roughs around 1 time a week at this time of the season. This year I have not stopped mowing other then rain days.  The equipment is getting a lot of extra wear and use this year.  We have been going through on average 150 gallons of diesel a week just to keep up.  Every day we loose to weather really backs everything up.  This week were were able to get around 2 times but it is still hard to tell.  July is usually a time of the year that we can start to work on a small project but this year is looking like we will need another week to just catch up with the mowing work before we can start anything.  Just need more time in a day to get everything done that we want too.  On a good note the greens are in really nice shape.  The rains that we have had set me back a little on the topdressing application but we did manage to topdressed and needle tine all the greens this week.  We will plan on topdressing the greens as well as the approaches on Tuesday this upcoming week.  I would like weather permitting to topdress the greens lightly weekly for the entire month of July.  The warm humid weather is good for the turf but leads to the development of dollar spot disease. I have seen more dollar spot this year then in the past.

Hopefully weather will be on our side the next few weeks so we can actually do a few extras on the golf course.  It has been extremely hard having most of the staff repairing bunkers almost daily over the last few weeks

I hope that you enjoy the golf course this weekend and have a safe and happy 4th of july

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ball marks

An alarming fact about pitch marks that will make you want to repair all of them right now

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