Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oil leak

Yesterday while topdressing greens our cart had an oil leak that caused some damage to 17 and 1 greens. We caught the problem after completion of 1 green. The rain helped somewhat in keeping the turf cool but we will need to core aerate using very small tines down each pass of the leak. This should help by removing some of the damaged turf while helping speed recovery. We also have a planned fertilizer application that will also help. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Another rain day but actually today's rain started right after we completed brooming the topdressing application in on all the greens,  with the holiday yesterday this is putting a big damper on our work schedule this week but at least there is something to be happy about.  We have been so busy over the last few weeks it has been hard to even take a break.  The staff is really starting to work well together now.  We are trying to get into a routine in regards to maintenance of the golf course.  last week the course was in great shape, we received around 1.5 inches over the last few days along with finally a few warm nights this really encourage a lot of turf growth.

Overall, I am very happy with the golf course to this point of the season.  The one problem that I have been battling this year is moss on the putting green and a few spots on the rest of the greens. The mild weather this spring and last fall has only encouraged the moss to get more or less an upper hand.  Our putting greens favor much warmer weather and tend to be slow growing until we have consistent soil temperatures.  I really do not like to apply too much fertilizer in the spring this only will lead to excessive growth once the soil temperatures moderate. Moss is an interesting weed and thrives under low fertility and low mowing heights both conditions we have.  Here is a link for some good information about moss in putting greens.

I have been treating the greens with a herbicides called quicksilver to help slow the growth of the moss, hopefully this will give the bentgrass a chance to fill in these spots. There have been 2 applications applied so far this spring, The weather this year sure hasn't been a help to encourage the bentgrass growth to fill in the spots but we will continue to do treat as needed.

On the positive note our fescue program is finally starting to pay off,  We have some impressive areas on the course. You may have noticed some areas that looked to be dead or dying in certain fescue areas around the course.  We are using a selective herbicide to remove the undesirable grasses,  There are some areas we will be seeding over the next few weeks.  You can see in the photo to the right that the fescue is not harmed but any other grasses are dead or dying right now.

I also reseeded along 6 and 7 fairway in the areas that we treated with a herbicides last fall to remove the bentgrass from the rough.  This worked pretty well, almost too good, once again the mild weather hasn't been very ideal for these areas to fill in very well.  There is germination of the kentucky bluegrass and over the next few weeks these areas will fill in.

We are making very good progress this year, I certainly hope that all of you have enjoyed many good rounds and I look forward to seeing you on the course very soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Update 5/2/15

This week went by so fast, we sure did accomplish a lot of work on the course.

We have completed spraying what we have intended to complete this spring in the fescue.  around 40 total acres were treated for undesirable weeds and grasses.  We are making very good progress in cleaning up many areas on the course our diligent work is finally starting to pay off.  There are still some areas of infestation out there and we will continue to address these as we move forward.

We have been checking sand depths and adding sand were needed so far this spring we have added 30 tons of sand in mostly the greens bunkers.  We did address a few fairway bunkers that were in need.  We still have a major problem with rake placement and many footprints left in the bunkers please help us out and remind your playing partners of the proper care of the bunkers.

We have another issue with the waterfall in that another motor has went down and we are waiting on a new motor to be installed. As soon as we get the motor installed it will be up and running once again.

I have been solid tining many areas in the fairways this spring.  This will be an ongoing project until we complete all the fairways.  The holes are barley noticeable but will allow for good water and air movement in the soil.  Once we complete the fairways, I will then core aerate the range tee.  The greens will not be core aerated this spring but will needle tine as needed, I do not plan on doing this until June.

Our biweekly topdressing program will start next week on the greens and approaches.  Topdressing is very important to dilute organic matter and help keep the surface smooth.

We have started to mow the rough on a regular basis.  I have changed our mowing patterns this year with the addition of the new rough mower. The new mower is set at the height of 2 inches,we are then using our smaller rough mowers at the height of 1.75 inches to mow a few passes around each green and tee.

Overall I feel we are on a good track with the condition of the golf course.  The warmer weather will be a nice change for everyone

Monday, April 20, 2015


The golf season is progressing very well and we are off to a great start.  Most of our training of the new staff is complete still a few kinks to work out but overall I am very impressed with the staff this year.

We received just about .70 last night and this morning.  I did have a lot of work planned out for today but this light soaking rain will really help, we were pretty dry in spots.

We are starting to get into a more normal schedule of taking care of the course. with the projects just about wrapped up.  We have one major irrigation break that is in need of repair on 18 tee and will work on that soon.  We completed the conversion of the rough and bentgrass around the "new" tee at 16 marron seeding to fescue on friday last week.  I also converted around 25 full circle irrigation heads to adjustable arch irrigation heads that can be precisely adjusted to water just what we want.  We are to the point now that we will be moving the actual irrigation heads in the future to reduce any additional water into the fescue. There are around 20 heads that could be moved on the course that we will start working on in the fall.  We did remove around 20 heads from the back nine and still have another 15 or so on the front nine remove in the future.  This job is much easier to do when the water is off in the spring and fall.

Overall, the course is a fine shape,  I planned on topdressing the greens and approaches today but the rain has changed the plans for this.  Weather permitting we will topdress tomorrow.  I will also be mowing down any remaining fescue areas that did not get mowed last fall.  We will start spraying the fescue to control undesirable grasses over the next few weeks.  This is very dependant on wind and this week does not look very good to make any applications.

We do have one problem on the waterfall that is in the process of being looked at, a bearing is bad on the middle waterfall and this motor needs to be replaced the motor will not run.  I also have a major problem with one of our irrigation pumps. The pump is in the shop for a major overhaul right now.  We are basically down to half the pumping capacity with the irrigation system not a problem right now and nothing to worry about but a very costly repair.  We will do our best to get the waterfall working soon but will take some time.

I hope that you have enjoyed a few good rounds of golf.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

update 4/9/15

We have been wanting some rain but over the last 2 days we have received nearly 2 inches.  The one problem we were having even this week was there was still some frost in the ground.  A few irrigation heads suffered some damage and need to be replaced because of traffic over it while encased in ice.  This situation is new to me.  I am sure that you have seen a lot of digging going on on the back nine.  Some are problems some are not.  We are harvesting some irrigation heads that are no longer in use.  Having a abandon head out there complicates our irrigation blowouts and is pointless having it just sitting there. It does amaze me we mowed all the areas where the sprinklers are being removed.  Some of the sprinklers can not be removed because of pipe issues but we will remove as many as we can.  I do have some big pipe problems going on right now on the course that we are working on repairing.  I am very puzzled as to why this has happened but nothing we can do except repair the problem.

Yesterdays heavy storms was a good test for the first time we have 2 bunker rakes.  We were able to get the bunkers completed in one day.

Overall the golf course is in fine shape, we have yet to mow the tees or any rough planned on doing that today but the golf course is very wet right now. The greens are being mowed every other day at a height much higher then our normal height of cut.  I will slowly bring the height down to our "normal height"

We have a few new staff members on the crew this year.  Proper training is the key to a great operation and takes a lot of time to get everyone trained.  This week was to be the week for this to be done but have lost a lot of days to a overly wet course.

I hope that you have had the chance to play a few rounds the course is in good shape we have a lot to do to get the irrigation up and running but will be a thing of the past soon enough.  The one good thing these rains will do is really jump start the growing process and we will be in full swing before we know it.


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