Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fairway spiking

We have just completed the first fairway spiking of the year. This process involves using a machine called the Aerway. We attach this to the back of a tractor and the Aerway is simply pulled along the fairway creating silts or slices into the turf. The tines are approximately 5 inches long and as you can see in the picture penetrates around 3 inches into the soil. There are many benefits to using the Aerway; One is that there is a channel for water movement into the ground this also allows for proper air exchange in the soil profile. The second is that there is a opening in the soil for turf grass rooting. Our soil here is very dense, this does not allow for proper air and water exchange and also impedes root development. What I try to do is give the turf the best possible growing conditions with the least amount of impact on play. The Aerway is one tool that we can use that accomplishes both.

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