Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 boulder wall

If you have had a chance to play over the last two days I am sure that you have seen the work that has began on the boulder wall at 15 green. As I have stated over the last two postings the wall has settled considerably over time. This spring we noticed that the wall was compromised to the point that I thought there was a good chance of the wall falling over.

The work is going very well, If you have a chance to see the work or in the pictures you can see that we are removing all the boulders down to the water line installing a permeable liner and then back filling the area using stone. The wall is then constructed in one layer at a time working up to the original height at construction of the green complex. When complete you will notice that the wall is considerably higher then it was, but this will be the actual original height. We will be then resodding the area to create a nice slope instead of the steep drop off.

The wall is really turning out great and I hope that you will get a chance to see the progress before the end of the season.

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