Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Golf Course Update

A lot of first for me the last few days. This weather is very interesting to say the least, usually we are worrying about snow mold this time of year and not about dollar spot already. We opened the course earlier then I have in the 10 years here and we have already mowed the greens, fairways and approaches multiple times. Yesterday, I have started to fill the irrigation lines with water mainly to water in a fungicide that I need to apply for fairy rings and take all patch. 3 weeks earlier then normal. Which is just what I have been reading and hearing from our area. The ground temperature is around 1 month ahead of where it would normally be at this time of the year. The temperature went from frozen to 60 degrees in a matter of days. In a normal year the greens are usually quite brown right about this time but this year the greens are very greens and look to be very healthy All this with still no crew which will starts on Wednesday but needs to be fully trained in our safety program before even starting work. Basically we are behind already and its just the first day of spring. We will catch up, but usually we are working on finishing up projects right now not having to worry about mowing the turf. We still have quite a few things that we have not completed on the course. Please bare with us until we are fully staffed. I looked forward to seeing you soon

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