Monday, September 9, 2013

Golf Course Update 9/9/13

Considering the fact that we have not had any rain now for an extended period,  from the drought monitor webpage we are in a moderate drought right now, the golf course is really in great shape.  We have been doing a lot of hand watering over this period  to keep the course firm. As I stated in the last post I am trying to favor the bentgrass by stressing out the poa annua and poa trivials.  I have also been looking at a reason to why the greens were remaining softer then I would like even with out watering the greens. The greens have been rolling very smooth and have been stimping at least  12 feet over the last 10 weeks Thursday - Sundays , but the greens were getting excess deep ball marks.   Last week, we addressed this by applying a product that basically breaks down the high bicarbonates in the soil to allow proper water movement in the soil profile .  If you had a chance to play over the last few days, I am sure that you noticed a considerable difference in the firmness of the greens.  We will be evaluating the product that we used and look at plan to implement this into our normal programs in the future.  I am very satisfied right now after one application.

We are continuing to core aerate the tees and approaches after today we will have most of the back nine done 2 times and will start to work on the front nine this week.  My goal would be to finish this by the end of next week.  I still have no plans on core aerating the greens but will most likely core aerate the putting and chipping greens.  There is excess organic matter in both of these that needs to be addressed this fall.  I may look at aerating the greens in the spring of 2014.  This weather this year has really been very conducive for the development of excess organic matter on all playing surfaces it has been challenging to match this with topdressing alone.

This is the time of the year that I start to look at any projects that can be done.  I have no plans on any major projects but would like to address all the drainage basins on the course.  We will need to remove the sod and re level most of the basins this is a project that really needs to be done.  I also plan on adding some drainage to the front of the green on hole 2.  I will also address the approaches on 9,18,1 greens that do not allow water to move of the greens a major problem regrading ice buildup on these greens..  We will also start to remove all the boulders from the golf course this fall.  With the fescue  doing the job of the boulders there is no need for these anymore.

Upcoming plans will include topdressing the greens and approaches Monday next week.  The following week will be the week that I start to raise the greens mowers slightly to prepare the turf for the winter.  We have been mowers the greens at 3/32 of an inch for most of the summer which is far to going into the colder months.  I will raise the greens near an 1/8 of an inch before November in conjunction with topdressing applications to help protect the crowns of the turf.

I hope that you are enjoying the golf course and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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