Monday, August 10, 2015

update 8/10/15

I hope everyone is enjoying the golf course over the last few weeks.

 The course remains in good condition with very few issues at this time. We are entering a pretty dry period and could use a little rain there is some pretty stressed areas in the rough at this time please be advised when playing to stay out of these as much as possible.  When we do get some rain these areas will start to recover.  In the meantime I am supplementing with our irrigation system sparingly to try to maintain the course as firm as possible.

 As we start to transition into shorter days and cooler nights we need to start thinking about organic matter management on the golf course.  This year, our temperatures have not been too hot but the humidity seems to linger around most days.  This is causing our turf to scalp and become softer then normal with the very active growth of the turfgrass.  We do our best to manage this with topdressing sand but even so there is more accumulation of organic material then in the past.  Today we used a solid tine to aerify the front nine greens and applied topdressing sand to the greens and approaches. Tomorrow we will complete the back nine greens.  This year we will core aerate the all the greens in October in conjunction with a heavy application of sand this will help keep our organic matter accumulations in check.  We will also core aerate the tees starting this month when time allows.  I understanding the the word "coring" is something no one wants to hear but it is a necessary evil that must be done to maintain the health of the soil in order for the turf to perform and play we all want.  I will do my best to maintain acceptable playing conditions while we are addressing these concerns.


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